Mitsubishi Cars in Kenya
Mitsubishi Cars in Kenya

One of the reasons for the firm’s interest is that a strong consumer base, in part, has attracted both public and private investment in the U.S. The number of car sales worldwide, however, is expected to dip this year, according to Morgan Stanley.

Kawai Motors Inc. also recently reached out to consumers about acquiring Toyota’s Toyota-Achilles (Toyota), a Japanese car company with three brands in South Africa.

Kawai is an active manufacturer of cars in the U.S., a key market for Kawasaki. It has an extensive fleet of new vehicles, including a new 6-car A-mobility compact SUV and a 5-car new 4-car hybrid. The company is an early investor in carmaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCHA).

Toyota announced its decision to buy Toyota of South Africa in July 2013 (the deal was announced before the company’s shares went under pressure on the market). Mitsubishi Cars in Kenya
Mitsubishi Cars declined two telephone calls asking who had asked to purchase Toyota. Toyota said: “They did ask for a second opinion on a transaction decision.”

Source: GlobalPost